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John Kalamaras

Founder and CEO

John Kalamaras is Founder and Chief Executive Officer of RealSource Group. John launched RealSource Group in 1991, a commercial real estate firm specializing in international tenant representation for niche operators in the healthcare industry. As one of the pioneers of tenant representation, he led the initial integration of health and fitness tenants into retail properties. As the business started to plateau, John decided to make a paradigm shift in data and workflow management, transitioning a conventional business model to a new technology-based platform. After a year of development, he leveraged this proprietary tech-forward platform to scale production throughout North America and manage a pipeline 10x its prior production level with less overhead. To validate this business model, RealSource is notably recognized for its outsourced expansion efforts of the most successful health club chain in North America, helping that tenant grow from 20 regionalized locations in the western United States to over 700 units throughout North America, which included greenfield development and acquisitions of various fitness chains.

Ted Slaughter

Director of Real Estate

Ted Slaughter serves as Director of Real Estate at RealSource Group. In this role, Ted is focused on facilitating tenant expansion efforts throughout North America. After graduating as a student-athlete from UCLA in 2010, Ted was initially hired at RealSource as an Analyst, where he’s since worked into his current role. As Director of Real Estate, Ted oversees an outsourced team of sixty (+) brokers located throughout forty separate MSA’s across North America. Ted’s intimate involvement encompasses all aspects of the deal, including initial site selection to contract execution. Since joining RealSource, Ted has been involved in over 430 deals throughout North America.

Adam Saltz

Real Estate Analyst

Adam Saltz serves as a Real Estate Analyst at RealSource Group. After graduating from UC Berkeley, Adam joined RealSource in 2015 as a Research Assistant. In his current role, Adam works with an outsourced team of sixty (+) brokers throughout North America, focusing on sourcing, qualifying and underwriting all new opportunities. Adam analyzes national real estate market conditions through financial and economic data, contributing to the development of forward-looking assessments on anticipated property performance. Adam maintains a proprietary tech-forward system where his efforts are focused on market research to guide his underwriting assumptions.

Viktoriya Nikolova

Transaction Manager

Viktoriya Nikolova is a Transaction Manager at RealSouce Group. A graduate of University of Washington with a degree in Business Administration, Viktoriya is responsible for managing and coordinating an internal Pipeline comprised of hundreds of active deals throughout North America. Viktoriya is actively engaged in managing the transaction process with her role being focused on but not limited to solving deal-specific open issues, drafting and managing offers and counteroffers on behalf of our clients, tracking the status of all active deals and assisting in establishing the required action items to help push each transaction closer to execution.